Score-System-Updates for 2024!

Dear Freestylers,

with the upcoming event, there is a review of the scoring data from 2023 and an update to the scoring system.

Last year, our focus was to have skaters present clean, well-executed, and aesthetically pleasing routines with strong composition, synchronized to the music.

We were pleased to see our competitors pursue this goal and provide an entertaining show for the audience.

Although the goal was largely achieved, it became evident that less experienced skaters relied too heavily on the A-grade score. This resulted in performances with minimal tricks being rated higher than justified. While a variety of tricks adds excitement, a situation arose where the risk was high and the reward was low, which is not the direction we want to go in.

The data showed that the culprit was the bonus for a flawless run, which we will be focusing on the most.

You can find a detailed report with all data, analyses, and changes in this PDF.


We look forward to seeing what you all show us this year!

See you soon,

Your WFSC Judging Committee