Lifetime achievement in the spotlight: WFSC presents the Freestyle Hall of Fame!

Life’s work in the spotlight: WFSC presents the Freestyle Hall of Fame! The WFSC has grown beyond our wildest expectations and in just 5 years has evolved from a European event to a truly international phenomenon. In the not too distant past, freestyle competitions were only attended by a handful of enthusiasts who kept an almost forgotten art form and culture alive. Today, the joy of it is not a given, and we cherish every moment.

Our Community Awards at EFSC were designed to recognize those who have gone above and beyond within and outside of freestyle to support the community and inspire us all to do the same. Now, with the first edition of World Freestyle as the successor to the EFSC, we are taking a significant step to honor and celebrate individuals who have made a lasting impact on Freestyle Skateboarding throughout their lives.

Exciting news – this year’s World Freestyle Skateboarding Championships will induct the Freestyle Hall of Fame!

The members of the Freestyle Hall of Fame have demonstrated exceptional qualities throughout their lifelong journey in our sport. Whether through dedicated participation in competitions, contributions to infrastructure, team management, behind-the-scenes efforts, content creation or outstanding competition results, they have left an indelible mark.

The Hall of Fame is a timeless tribute that immortalizes individuals who have made history through competitive success or contribution to the sport. Honorees will be celebrated with a laudatory speech during the induction ceremony, and in-depth biographies will be featured on our website alongside specially created media content.

In addition to free lifetime admission to our events and serving as official ambassadors for the sport, Hall of Fame inductees will play a critical role as members of the World Freestyle Skateboarding Championship’s decision-making body.

The Hall of Fame is more than just praise; it’s about providing a moral compass and upholding competitive integrity. Our goal is to create a body and ambassadors that embody these values and steer the sport towards a bright and inclusive future.


Join us in celebrating these extraordinary individuals who have woven an indelible thread into the fabric of freestyle skateboarding. The Hall of Fame is not just recognition; it’s a celebration of our journey together.

With anticipation and gratitude,