Now in its sixth year, there is a new location in addition to the fresh website: the regatta course in Brandenburg an der Havel.
Always in a supporting role in previous years, this time it will be the new venue.

Located in the north-east of the city, directly on Lake Beetzsee, the site offers enough space for the World Freestyle Skateboarding Championships and the planned ‘Global Jam’ supporting program.

And this is where the circle concludes: in 2019, shortly before the first Euro Freestyle event, Christian Heise did a promotional show at the regatta course.


A lot has happened since then – and now we’re back with an event that has attracted more skaters and spectators each year than the year before.

Who would have thought that the original idea would take on such dimensions!

The location itself is easily accessible, has plenty of parking spaces, its own press rooms for multimedia and staff, sanitary facilities and, above all, a separate camping area for contest participants!


The combination of the Skate Contest and Global Jam, paired with the location and the extended duration of the event from Thursday to Sunday, will therefore have more of a small festival flair than a hectic contest experience.

The team behind the contest is very happy about the new location. When you set foot on the site, you’ll know why.

So people, count the days. It’s not far until then – and get your sunscreen and flip-flops ready.

Because a packed event program awaits you at the end of June!