Something here looks different than usual…

It was already clear at the end of the last contest and on our social media channels: the event is now called World Freestyle Skateboarding Championships!


Admittedly, this is long overdue – the starting field has always been made up of an international audience. Last year, this culminated in well over 100 skaters from over 30 nations!


The event has grown out of its infancy and has now firmly established itself in the scene.

Since the first edition of the Euro Freestyle Championships in 2019, the event has constantly changed and reinvented itself. This will not change for the next edition in 2024.

There will be a new location, as the requirements for the venue have increasingly changed, as well as a new accompanying program called “Global Jam”.


Of course, a new name and logo were not enough – a new website was needed. Said and done, here you go. As usual, you can find all the information about the event and register to take part here.


There will still be a few tweaks on the website here and there, but the starting signal for the upcoming event has been given.

Until then, you can find all information on further developments regarding the supporting program here on the site and on our socials.


Mark the date in your calendar, make a note of your vacation and we’ll see you in Brandenburg at the end of June.