Your Hall of Fame Nominees for 2024!



Marius Constantin – Romania

In just a decade, Marius Constantin from Romania has achieved remarkable feats. Known as a mentor to Romanian top talents and a YouTuber sharing his knowledge, his greatest accomplishment is revitalizing freestyle skateboarding to its intended essence. Marius embodies unwavering resilience, inspiring those around him to surpass themselves. In times of pain and stress, he perseveres, encouraging everyone to recognize their best selves. Marius would be a remarkable choice for the Hall of Fame, regardless of his young age.


Yoyo Schulz – Germany

Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz is a true legend of our sport and a witness like no other. As a trailblazer, he brought expertise and genuine skill to Europe. His decades-long consistency serves as an inspiring source for athletes and fans alike. His presence connects generations and fosters a shared identity. He proves that one can remain loyal to skateboarding for a long time and that skateboarding remains loyal to you when passion resides in the heart. Can you imagine freestyle without Yoyo? We can’t!


AJ Kohn – United States of America

AJ Kohn from the USA currently leads with a significant number of votes – and who could be surprised given his tireless dedication and boundless commitment on and off the skateboard. For multiple decades, he has demonstrated his passion through athletic achievements in the form of numerous titles won, as well as through the organization and execution of events and the education of future generations in his skate school operated since 2006 in Philadelphia.


Guenter Mokulys – Germany

Guenter Mokulys from Germany has achieved everything there was to achieve in freestyle. Even after four decades, he continues to set the standard for professional skateboarding. His countless appearances in shows, television programs, and competitions established freestyle like no one else. Without a doubt, he is the most exceptional athlete of our time.


Bernhard Kümpel – Germany

Bernhard Kümpel is a driving force behind the revival of freestyle skateboarding in Germany. In the early 2000s, he organized the first competitions and played a key role in the 2003 World Championship. In his “cellar lab,” he crafted freestyle wheels to support the scene during the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s an active rider since the 70s and remained dedicated to the scene to this day. He is a pioneer, supporter, and innovator whose decades-long engagement has strengthened the freestyle community.


Christan Heise – Germany

Faith moves mountains – and Christian Heise from Germany proves this impressively. Through his events and travels, he creates places for shared memories and gives a stage to those on the fringes of society. His mantra “Never Enough” and his tireless conviction turn a sleepy town into the center of our sport, and his athletic achievements are equally impressive.


Elisabeth Meyers – Belgium

For much of recent Freestyle history, Elisabeth “Eli” Meyers from Belgium was the sole female competitor. She started skating in her teens and continued into her fifties, paving the way in a male-dominated sport. After her passing, Euro Freestyle honored her by establishing the Eli Meyers Girls Contest. Our women’s category is now larger than ever, thanks to her. We regret she didn’t get to see this, but she would be incredibly proud!


Monty Little – Canada

Contests are part of freestyles DNA and Monty Little from Canada has shaped it by leading the World Round-Up for almost a decade. Furthermore he co-founded the Canadian Amateur Skateboard Association and has organized numerous skateboard clinics and contests. Monty was key in creating Canada’s first community skateboard park. He also helped launch CANADA SKATEBOARD, sending athletes to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.


Lullu Magnus – Germany

Lullu Magnus was a central figure in the early skateboarding scene in Germany. In the 70s, skateboarding came to Germany through the GIs, especially in the Munich area. Due to Lullu’s initiative, the first organized skateboarding scene in Germany emerged. We still benefit from his pioneering work today!


Bob Loftin – United States of America

As freestyle skateboarding started fading from the limelight, Bob Loftin from the USA stepped up to keep its spirit alive with his own website, Bob’s Trick Tips. In the pre-social media days, it became the go-to spot for folks still into freestyle, whether for sharing content or helping each other out. By kicking off the Freestyle Podcast and the Broken Fingers magazine, he pretty much set the stage for today’s content creators.